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I've been fortunate to enjoy our floatstreams now for some 50 years and I manage to work in around 50 to 100 days a year fishing and hunting from my canoes. I’d like to share an outdoor adventure with you on our streams and all we need to do is schedule a float-trip. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing blisters on my hands in July from setting the hook on 200 smallmouth and I know what it is to see a hundred eagles on a float in January. I’ve been out there floating in December with ducks by the hundreds and I’ve lost count on turkey flying over the canoe in October. I’ve watched spellbound in November as bucks fought and limited out on squirrels and Kentucky bass in May and September. I’ve also experienced floating from sunup to sundown in complete solitude. Experience on where to go? I’ve floated the Buffalo from Ponca to Buffalo City, Crooked Creek from Harrison to Yellville, and the Eleven Point River from Thomasville to Pocahontas. I’ve fished the Strawberry from Evening Shade to Strawberry, the Current River from Salem, Missouri to Currentview, Arkansas, the Kings from Kingston to Summer’s Ford, the Niangua River from Marshfield to Camdenton Missouri, and I live within an hour’s drive of 25 different float trips. The best part though, are the 200 or so streams of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma that seldom see anyone, except for the folks that fish and hunt from my canoe.

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