Wildlife / Habitat Specialists Serving Arkansas
10 Point Wildlife Management
Ardea Consulting
Joseph P. Sullivan, Ph.D. - Woodland, CA
Bat Conservation International
- Austin, TX
Bo Reid
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Jonesboro, AR
Bobby J. Roberts
Progressive Timber Resources, LLC - Monticello, AR
Carolyn Pike
Purdue University: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Area Regeneration Specialist (Northeast) - West Layfayette, IN
Central Hardwoods Joint Venture
Jane Fitzgerald - Coordinator - Reeds Spring, MO
Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance
- Missoula, MT
Clif Crawford
Crawford Consulting - Malvern, AR
Clint Johnson
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Mayflower, AR
Coggin Asset Management
Daniel S. Coggin - President - Amory, MS
Community Wildlife Habitat Program
National Wildlife Federation - Merrifield, VA
Conservation Biology Institute
- Corvallis, OR
Conservation Blueprint
Peter Berthelsen - President - St. Paul, NE
Conservation Ecology LLC
Christopher R. Wilson - Owner, Wildlife Ecologist, Conservation Scientist - Hendersonville, NC
Conservation Science Partners
Brett Dickson, PhD - President & Chief Scientist - Truckee, CA
Cormier Forestry Service, Inc.
Kent C. Cormier - Little Rock, AR
Cory Easley
CE Forestry Services - Fouke, AR
Creative Land And Wildlife Solutions, LLC
Rans Thomas - Owner - Athens, GA
Daniel Greenfield
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Brinkley, AR
David Graves
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Brinkley, AR
Donald Sisson
Georgia Pacific, LLC, LAP - Crossett, AR
Ducks Unlimited
- Memphis, TN
- Arlington, VA
Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting, LLC
Susan P. Rupp - Owner/Lead Consultant - Bella Vista, AR
Eric S. Johnson
Delta Forestry - Consulting Forester - Palestine, AR
Five Oaks Wildlife Services, LLC
Jody Pagan - General Manager/Chief Biologist - Humphrey, AR
Foust Forestry Management
Brent Foust - Heber Spings, AR
Gary A. Burns, ACF
Burns Forestry - Owner - Crockett, TX
Green Bay Packaging, Inc., LAP
Jamie Hill - Morrilton, AR
Greg Simons
Wildlife Consultants, Inc. - Wildlife Biologist - San Angelo, TX
Grow Native!
- Columbia, MO
Hargrave Forestry Management Service
Wade C. Hargrave - Batesville, AR
Harvey (Bubba) Groves
Private Lands Assistant Supervisor - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Monticello, AR
Hugh Lumpkin
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Eureka Springs, AR
Jackson Environmental Consulting Services, LLC
Jeremy L.Jackson - Ecologist, President/Owner - Richmond, KY
Jeff B. Denman
The Denman Co. - Hensley, AR
Jeremiah R Pinto
USDA Forest Service: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Research Plant Physiologist, Tribal Nursery Specialist - Moscow, ID
John Britt & Associates
John Britt - Hamilto, GA
Lannie B. Philley, AFM
Delta Land & Farm Mgmt Co, LLC - Appraiser, Manager - Mer Rouge, LA
Lytle Forestry Services
James L. Lytle - Springhill, LA
M & W Forestry & Wildlife Management
James Wallace - Batesville, AR
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
Roger Lord - President - Portland, OR
Maximized Water Management LLC
William (Bill) Fuchs - Owner - Chester, ID
Michelle Furr
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Fort Smith, AR
National Wildlife Federation
- Reston, VA
Nixalite of America Inc
Jon Gellerstedt & Cory Gellerstedt - Co-Presidents - Moline, IL
Pied Piper Nuisance Animal Control
Isaac Barger - Bigelow, AR
Precision Forestry, LLC
Robert B. Goodwin - Magnolia, AR
Quality Deer Management Association
- Bogart, GA
Ray Galloway
Davis DuBose Forestry & Real Estate Consultants - Little Rock, AR
Richard B. Burton
Triplett Timber and Realty, Inc - Lewisville, AR
Ricky Chastain
Private Lands Assistant Supervisor - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Perrytown, AR
Ricky ONeill
Neeley Forestry Service, Inc. - Certified Wildlife Biologist and Certified Forester - Camden, AR
Robert C. Crane
Woodland Management Service - Consulting Forester - Stevens Point, WI
Robert R Bryan
Forest Synthesis - President/Habitat Conservation Forester - Harpswell , ME
Ruben Cantu
Wildlife Consultants, Inc. - Certified Wildlife Biologist, Certified Professional Rangeland Management - San Angelo, TX
Sam Franklin
Delta Wildlife - Certified Wildlife Biologist - Stoneville, MS
Society for Range Management
- Littleton, CO
Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
Bill Sutton, Jessica Homyack - Co-Chairs - Clemson, SC
Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc.
- Bainbridge, GA
Southern Sportsman Aquatics & Land Management
Scott Brown - Owner - Advance, NC
Steewart Fefer
Landscape Conservation Biologist - Protected Area Specialist - Tampa, FL
Susan Nimmo
Private Lands Biologist - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Camden, AR
Ted Zawislak
Statewide Private Lands Supervisor - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Calico Rock, AR
Teddy Reynolds, B.S.F., R.F., S.R.
Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, PLLC - President/CEO - Magnolia, AR
Timber Resource Management
Paul D. Smeltzer - Athens, LA
Whitenton Group, Inc.
- San Marcos, TX